Curious about what the Torah comes to teach us?

Join us for lively talk on the Torah portion and holidays and how they can help us grow in our every day lives and in our relationships.

Rabbi Feld will be discussing Pirkei Avos -- Ethics of the Fathers. 

Chapter 2

1. Rabbi [Judah HaNassi]* would say: Which is the right path for man to choose for himself? Whatever is harmonious for the one who does it, and harmonious for mankind.

Be as careful with a minor mitzvah as with a major one, for you do not know the rewards of the mitzvot. Consider the cost of a mitzvah against its rewards, and the rewards of a transgression against its cost.

Contemplate three things, and you will not come to the hands of transgression: Know what is above from you: a seeing eye, a listening ear, and all your deeds being inscribed in a book.
Rabbi Feld is open to questions from and discussion with students who attend the classes. Join us!

Rabbi Chaim Feld

Every Shabbos at 11:00 a.m. sharp

Young Israel of Greater Cleveland - 2nd Floor Conference Room

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