A Message from the Desk of Rabbi Steven Burg
CEO Aish HaTorah

Dear Aish Family,

T​he week when the tragedy happened in Pittsburgh was devastating. Eleven Jews who woke up that Shabbos morning with a desire to reach out to the Almighty. I spent many years working with the Squirrel Hill Jewish community. I can tell you that they are the sweetest and most amazing Jews. 

Every Jewish brother and sister is precious. To lose so many at one time at the hands of a deranged, homicidal antisemite is almost too much to bear. The question now remains as to what the path in front of us looks like. How do we take their memory and use it to help the Jewish people? I thought about this topic on Motzei Shabbos (Saturday night) as we all started to hear the news. I believe the answer was right in front of me. 

I spent a Shabbos at the Sheraton Hotel in Parsippany, NJ where Aish HaTorah’s Project Inspire coordinated a Body and Soul Retreat (BSR) as part of the worldwide phenomenon, the Shabbos Project. The brainchild of our passionate partners, Edie and Isaac Gross, the BSR was meant to bring non-Orthodox and Orthodox Jews together for a beautiful Shabbos of learning and spirituality. 

The weekend was truly remarkable. It started with a Challah Bake on Friday and ended with a musical Havdalah on Saturday night. Everyone left feeling energized and uplifted. I believe that the reason everyone left on a high was only partly due to the Judaic content. The real reason that we were so exhilarated was because of the unity that was demonstrated throughout Shabbos. 

We were a group of Jews spending Shabbos together. It was not about who was more religious or who was more knowledgeable. We were all there in an arena of respect. Just Jews spending Shabbos with other Jews. 

At 5 am Shabbos morning, I was wandering the halls. (I have a permanent jet lag problem.) I bumped into a wonderful young man from the suburbs of Washington DC. His toddler was clearly up for the day and wanted to wander around the hotel. We wound up sitting on the lobby couches for two hours discussing everything from politics, (he consulted for the US government) to the weekly Parsha. Just two Jews, two brothers, connecting over just about everything. It was wonderful. 

If we are truly the Almighty’s family then we must unify. We must find more opportunities to come together. The greatest revenge we can enact on the sick gunman from Pittsburgh is to show him that our family is stronger now more than ever. I believe in my heart, body and soul that this is what the Almighty is waiting for. He is waiting to hear that His children have found a way to come together. This year, let’s give our Father the gift of Jewish unity. 

Rabbi Steve Burg

URGENT prayers are needed for our beloved Rabbi Mike Stern, long time Aish teacher and Founder of Rabbis Without Walls. His Hebrew name is Yosef Elimelech Ben Yehudis
The family is very appreciative of your love, support and prayers.